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Chair for Metals and Alloys

DFG Schwerpunktprogramm / Priority Programme Compositionally Complex Alloys – High Entropy Alloys (CCA-HEA)

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RWTH AachenHide

RWTH Aachen

  •  Fabian Kies, Markus B. Wilms, Norbert Pirch, Konda G. Pradeep, Johannes H. Schleifenbaum, Christian Haase;

Defect formation and prevention in directed energy deposition of high-manganese steels and the effect on mechanical properties

in Materials Science & Engineering: A 2020

  • Fabian Kies, Yuji Ikeda, Simon Ewald, Johannes H. Schleifenbaum, Bengt Hallstedt, Fritz Körmann, Christian Haase;

Combined Al and C alloying enables mechanism-oriented design of multi-principal element alloys: Ab initio calculations and experiments

in Scripta Materialia 2020

  • Ewald S., Kies F., Hermsen S., Voshage M., Haase C., Schleifenbaum J. H.

Rapid Alloy Development of Extremely High-Alloyed Metals Using Powder Blends in Laser Powder Bed Fusion

in Materials 2019

  • Haase C., Barrales-Mora L. A.

From High-Manganese Steels to Advanced High-Entropy Alloys

in Metals 2019

  • Noori M., Hallstedt B.

Thermodynamic modelling of the Ni-V system

in Calphad 2018

  • Haase C., Barrales-Mora L. A.

Influence of deformation and annealing twinning on the microstructure and texture evolution of face-centered cubic high-entropy alloys

in Acta Materialia 2018

  • Haase C., Tang F., Wilms M.B., Weisheit A., Hallstedt B.

Combining thermodynamic modeling and 3D printing of elemental powder blends for high-throughput investigation of high-entropy alloys - Towards rapid alloy screening and design

in Materials Science and Engineering, 2017

Universität BayreuthHide

Universität Bayreuth

  • Haas S., Manzoni A., Krieg F., Glatzel U.

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Precipitate Strengthened High Entropy Alloy Al10Co25Cr8Fe15Ni36Ti6 with Additions of Hafnium and Molybdenum

in Entropy 2019

  • Haas S., Mosbacher M., Senkov O.N., Feuerbacher M., Freudenberger J., Gezgin S., Völkl R., Glatzel U.

Entropy determination of single-phase high entropy alloys with different crystal structures over a wide temperature range.

In Entropy 2018

  • Daoud H.M., Manzoni A., Wanderka N., Glatzel U.

High-Temperature Tensile Strength of Al10Co25Cr8Fe15Ni36TiCompositionally Complex Alloy (High Entropy Alloy)

in JOM 2015

  • Daoud H.M., Manzoni A., Völkl R., Wanderka N., Glatzel U.

Oxidation Behavior of Al8Co17Cr17Cu8Fe17Ni33, Al23Co15Cr23Cu8Fe15Ni15, and Al17Co17Cr17Cu17Fe17Ni17 Compositionally Complex Alloys (High-Entropy Alloys) at Elevated Temperatures in Air

in JOM 2015

  • Daoud H.M., Manzoni A., Völkl R., Wanderka N., Glatzel U.

Microstructure and Tensile Behavior of Al8Co17Cr17Cu8Fe17Ni33 (at.%) High-Entropy Alloy

in JOM 2013

Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung Berlin (BAM)Hide

Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

  • A. M. Manzoni, U.Glatzel

High entropy alloys: Balancing strength and ductility at room temperature

Encyclopedia of Materials: Metals and Alloys. Online March 2020, Printed September 2021

Helmholtz Zentrum BerlinHide

Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin

  • Andrea Fantin, Giovanni Orazio Lepore, Anna M. Manzoni, Sergey Kasatikov, Tobias Scherb, Thomas Huthwelker, Francesco d'Acapito, Gerhard Schumacher

Short-range chemical order and local lattice distortion in a compositionally complex alloy

in Acta Materialia, Volume 193, July 2020, Pages 329-337

  • A.M. Manzoni, S. Haasb, J.M. Yu, H.M. Daoud, U. Glatzel, H. Aboulfadl, F. Mücklich, R. Duran, G. Schmitz, D.M. Többens, S. Matsumura, F.A. Vogel, N. Wanderka

Evolution of γ/γ' phases, their misfit and volume fractions in Al⁠10Co⁠25Cr⁠8Fe⁠15Ni⁠36Ti⁠6 compositionally complex alloy

Materials Characterization, 154 (2019) 363-376

  • Manzoni A.M., Glatzel U.

New multiphase compositionally complex alloys driven by the high entropy alloy approach

in Materials Characterization 2019

  • Manzoni A.M., Haas S., Daoud H., Glatzel U., Förster C., Wanderka N

Tensile Behavior and Evolution of the Phases in the Al10Co25Cr8Fe15Ni36Ti6 Compositionally Complex/High Entropy Alloy

in Entropy 2018

  • Manzoni A.M., Singh S., Daoud H.M., Popp R., Völkl R., Glatzel U., Wanderka N.

On the Path to Optimizing the Al-Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni-Ti High Entropy Alloy Family for High Temperature Applications

im Entropy 2016

  • Manzoni A.M., Daoud H.M., Völkl R., Glatzel U., Wanderka N.

Influence of W, Mo and Ti trace elements on the phase separation in Al8Co17Cr17Cu8Fe17Ni33 based high entropy alloy

in Ultramicroscopy 2015

  • Manzoni A.M., Singh S., Daoud H.M., Völkl R., Glatzel U., Wanderka N.

On the Optimization of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni-Ti –Based High Entropy Alloys

in Jordan Journal of Physics 2015

  • Manzoni A., Daoud H., Völkl R., Glatzel U., Wanderka N

Phase separation in equiatomic AlCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy

in Ultramicroscopy 2013

  • Manzoni A., Daoud H., Mondal S., van Smaalen S., Völkl R., Glatzel U., Wanderka N.

Investigation of phases in Al23Co15Cr23Cu8Fe15Ni16 and Al8Co17Cr17Cu8Fe17Ni33 high entropy alloys and comparison with equilibrium phases predicted by Thermo-Calc

in Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2013

Ruhr Universität BochumHide

Ruhr Universität Bochum

  • Durand A., Peng L., Laplanche G., Morris J.R., George E.P., Eggeler G.

Interdiffusion in Cr–Fe–Co–Ni medium-entropy alloys

in Intermetallics 122, 2020

  • Schneider M., George E.P., Manescau T.J., Záležák T., Hunfeld J., Dlouhý A., Eggeler G., Laplanche G.

Analysis of strengthening due to grain boundaries and annealing twin boundaries in the CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy

in International Journal of Plasticity 124, 2020

  • Laplanche G., Schneider M., Scholz F., Frenzel J., Eggeler G., Schreuer J.

Processing of a single-crystalline CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy and evolution of its thermal expansion and elastic stiffness coefficients with temperature

in Scripta Materialia 177, 2020

  • Schneider M., Werner F., Langenkämper D., Reinhart C., Laplanche G.

Data compilation on the effect of grain size, temperature, and texture on the strength of a single-phase FCC MnFeNi medium-entropy alloy

in Data in Brief 28, 2020

  • Asabre A., Kostka A., Stryzhyboroda O., Pfetzing-Micklich J., Hecht U., Laplanche G.

Effect of Al, Ti and C additions on Widmanstätten microstructures and mechanical properties of cast Al0.6CoCrFeNi compositionally complex alloys

in Materials and Design 184, 2019

  • Laplanche G., Gadaud P., Perrère L., Guillot I., Couzinié J.P.

Temperature dependence of elastic moduli in a refractory HfNbTaTiZr high-entropy alloy

in Journal of Alloys and Compounds 799, 2019

  • Schneider M., George E.P., Manescau T.J., Záležák T., Hunfeld J., Dlouhý A., Eggeler G., Laplanche G.

Benchmark dataset of the effect of grain size on strength in the single-phase FCC CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy

in Data in Brief 27, 2019

  • Asabre A., Pfetzing-Micklich J., Stryzhyboroda O., Kostka A., Hecht U., Laplanche G.

Data regarding the influence of Al, Ti, and C additions to as-cast Al0.6CoCrFeNi compositionally complex alloys on microstructures and mechanical properties

in Data in Brief 27, 2019

  • Schneider M., Werner F., Langenkämper D., Reinhart C., Laplanche G.

Effect of temperature and texture on Hall-Petch strengthening by grain and annealing twin boundaries in the MnFeNi medium-entropy alloy

in Metals 9, 2019

  • Dobbelstein H., Gurevich E.L., George E.P., Ostendorf A., Laplanche G.

Laser metal deposition of compositionally graded TiZrNbTa refractory high-entropy alloys using elemental powder blends

in Additive Manufacturing 25, 2019

  • Liu X.W., Laplanche G., Kostka A., Fries S.G., Pfetzing-Micklich J., Liu G., George E.P.

Columnar to equiaxed transition and grain refinement of cast CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy by microalloying with titanium and carbon

in Journal of Alloys and Compounds 775, 2019

  • Dobbelstein H., Gurevich E.L., George E.P., Ostendorf A., Laplanche G.

Laser metal deposition of a refractory TiZrNbHfTa high-entropy alloy

in Additive Manufacturing 24, 2018

  • Laplanche G., Berglund S., Reinhart C., Kostka A., Fox F., George E.P.

Phase stability and kinetics of σ-phase precipitation in CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloys

in Acta Materialia 161, 2018

  • Laplanche G., Gadaud P., Bärsch C., Demtröder K., Reinhart C., Schreuer J., George E.P.

Elastic moduli and thermal expansion coefficients of medium-entropy subsystems of the CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy

in Journal of alloys and compounds 746, 2018

  • Laplanche G., Bonneville J., Varvenne C., Curtin W.A., George E.P.

Thermal activation parameters of plastic flow reveal deformation mechanisms in the CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy

in Acta Materialia 143, 2018

  • Laplanche G., Kostka A., Reinhart C., Hunfeld J., Eggeler G., George E.P.

Reasons for the superior mechanical properties of medium-entropy CrCoNi compared to high-entropy CrMnFeCoNi

in Acta Materialia 128, 2017

  • Thurston K.V.S., Gludovatz B., Hohenwarter A., Laplanche G., George E.P., Ritchie R.O.

Effect of temperature on the fatigue-crack growth behavior of the high-entropy alloy CrMnFeCoNi

in Intermetallics 88, 2017

  • Laplanche G., Kostka A., Horst O.M., Eggeler G., George E.P.

Microstructure evolution and critical stress for twinning in the CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy

in Acta Materialia 118, 2016

  • Laplanche G., Volkert U.F., Eggeler G., George E.P.

Oxidation Behavior of the CrMnFeCoNi High-Entropy Alloy

in Oxidation of Metals 85, 2016

  • Laplanche G., Gadaud P., Horst O., Otto F., Eggeler G., George E.P.

Temperature dependencies of the elastic moduli and thermal expansion coefficient of an equiatomic, single-phase CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy

in Journal of alloys and compounds 623, 2015

TU DarmstadtHide

TU Darmstadt

  • Utt, D., Stukowski, A., Ghazisaeidi, M.

The effect of solute cloud formation on the second order pyramidal to basal transition of 〈 c + a 〉 edge dislocations in Mg-Y solid solutions.

in Scripta Materialia 182, 53–56

  • Utt, D., Stukowski, A., Albe, K.

Grain boundary structure and mobility in high-entropy alloys: A comparative molecular dynamics study on a Σ11 symmetrical tilt grain boundary in face-centered cubic CuNiCoFe.

in Acta Materialia 186, 11–19

  • Keil T., Bruder E., Durst K.

Exploring the compositional parameter space of high-entropy alloys using a diffusion couple approach

in Materials & Design 2019

  • Levo E., Granberg F., Utt D., Albe K., Nordlund K., Djurabekova F.

Radiation stability of nanocrystalline single-phase multicomponent alloys

in Journal of Materials Research, 2019

  • Koch L., Granberg F., Brink T., Utt D., Albe K., Djurabekova F., Nordlund K

Local segregation versus irradiation effects in high-entropy alloys: Steady-state conditions in a driven system

in:Journal of Applied Physics 2017

IFW DresdenHide

IFW Dresden

  • Thiel, F.; Geissler, D.; Nielsch, K.; Kauffmann, A.; Seils, S.; Heilmaier, M.; Utt, D.; Albe, K.; Motylenko, M.; Rafaja, D.;  Freudenberger, J.

Origins of strength and plasticity in the precious metal based high-entropy alloy AuCuNiPdPt

in Acta Materialia 185, 2020

  • Thiel, F.; Utt, D.; Kauffmann, A.; Nielsch, K.; Albe, K.; Heilmaier, M.; Freudenberger, J.

Breakdown of Varvenne scaling in (AuNiPdPt)1-xCux high-entropy alloys

in Scripta Materialia, 181, 2020

  • Freudenberger J., Rafaja D., Geissler D., Giebeler L., Ullrich C., Kauffmann A., Heilmaier M., Nielsch K.

Face Centred Cubic Multi-Component Equiatomic Solid Solutions in the Au-Cu-Ni-Pd-Pt System

in Metals 7 2017

MPIE DüsseldorfHide

MPIE Düsseldorf

  • X. Wu, Zhiming Li, Z. Rao, Y. Ikeda, B. Dutta, F. Körmann, J. Neugebauer, D. Raabe

Role of magnetic ordering for the design of quinary TWIP-TRIP high entropy alloys

in Phys. Rev. Materials 4, 033601 – Published 3 March 2020

  • B. Grabowski B., Y. Ikeda, P. Srinivasan, F. Körmann, C. Freysoldt, A. Duff, A. Shapeev, J. Neugebauer

Ab initio vibrational free energies including anharmonicity for multicomponent alloys, npj Comput

in Mater 5, 2019

  • Z. Rao, D. Ponge, F. Körmann, Y. Ikeda, O. Schneeweiss, M. Friák, J. Neugebauer, D. Raabe, Z. Li

Invar effects in FeNiCo medium entropy alloys: From an Invar treasure map to alloy design

in Intermetallics 111, 2019

  • H.S. Oh, S.J. Kim, K. Odbadrakh, W.H. Ryu, K.N. Yoon, S. Mu, F. Körmann, Y. Ikeda, C.C. Tasan, D. Raabe, T. Egami, E.S. Park

Engineering atomic-level complexity in high-entropy and complex concentrated alloys

in Nat. Comm. 10, 2019

  • T. Kostiuchenko, F. Körmann, J. Neugebauer, A. Shapeev,

Impact of lattice relaxations on phase transitions in a high-entropy alloy studied by machine-learning potentials, npj Comp.

in Mat. 5, 2019

  • S.S. Sohn, A. Kwiatkowski da Silva, Y. Ikeda, F. Körmann, W. Lu, W.S. Choi, B. Gault, D. Ponge, J. Neugebauer, D. Raabe

Ultrastrong Medium‐Entropy Single‐Phase Alloys Designed via Severe Lattice Distortion,

in Adv. Mater. 31, 2019

  • (updated manuscript informtation for: Y. Ikeda, B. Grabowski, F. Körmann

Ab initio phase stabilities and mechanical properties of multicomponent alloys: A comprehensive review for high entropy alloys and compositionally complex alloys

in Mater. Charact. 147, 2019

  • Ikeda Y., Körmann F., Tanaka I., Neugebauer J.

Impact of Chemical Fluctuations on Stacking Fault Energies of CrCoNi and CrMnFeCoNi High Entropy Alloys from First Principles

in Entropy 20, 2018

  • Ikeda Y., Grabowski B., Körmann F.

Ab initio phase stabilities and mechanical properties of multicomponent alloys: A comprehensive review for high entropy alloys and compositionally complex alloys

in Materials Characterization 2018

  • Soler R., Evirgen A., Yao M., Kirchlechner C., Stein F., Feuerbacher M., Raabe D., Dehm G.

Microstructural and mechanical characterization of an equiatomic HoDyYGdTb high entropy alloy with a hexagonal close-packed structure. 

in Acta Materialia  2018

  • Raghavan R., Kirchlechner C., Jaya B.N., Feuerbacher M., Dehm G.

Mechanical size effects in an equiatomic FeCrCoMnNi high entropy alloy

in Scripta Materialia  2017

  • Körmann F., Ikeda Y., Grabowski B., Sluiter M.H.F.

Phonon broadening in High Entropy Alloys

in npj Comput. Mater. 3, 36 (2017)

  • Li Z., Körmann F., Grabowski B., Neugebauer J., Raabe D.

Ab initio assisted design of quinary dual-phase high-entropy alloys with transformation-induced plasticity

in Acta Mat. 136, 262 (2017)

  • Rogal L., Bobrowski P., Körmann F., Divinski S., Stein F., Grabowski B.

Computationally-driven engineering of sublattice ordering in a hexagonal AlHfScTiZr high entropy alloy

in Sci. Rep. 7, 2209 (2017)

  • Körmann F., Ruban A.V., Sluiter M.F.H.

Long-ranged interactions in bcc NbMoTaW high-entropy alloys

in Mater. Res. Lett. 5, 35 (2017)

  • Oh H.S., Ma D.,Leyson G.P. , Grabowski B., Park E.S. , Körmann F., Raabe D,

Lattice Distortions in the FeCoNiCrMn High Entropy Alloy Studied by Theory and Experiment

in Entropy 18, 321 (2016)

  • Körmann F., Sluiter M.F.H.,

Interplay between lattice distortions, vibrations and phase stability in NbMoTaW high entropy alloys

in Entropy 18, 403 (2016)

  • Körman F., Ma D., Lucas M., Belyea D., Miller C., Grabowski B, Sluiter M.H.F.

“Treasure maps” for magnetic high-entropy-alloys from theory and experiment

in Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 142404 (2015),

  • Ma D., Grabowski B., Körmann F., Neugebauer J., Raabe D.

Ab initio thermodynamics of the CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy: Importance of entropy contributions beyond the configurational one

in Acta Mat. 100, 90 (2015)

Universität HannoverHide

Universität Hannover

  • Christian Hinte, Khemais Barienti, Jan Steinbrücker, Gregory Gerstein, Mark A Swider, Sebastian Herbst, Gunther Eggeler, Hans J Maier

Pattern-forming Nanoprecipitates in NiTi-related High Entropy Shape Memory Alloys

in Scripta Materialia, 2020

  • Christian Hinte, Khemais Barienti, Jan Steinbrücker, Jana-Mercedes Hartmann, Gregory Gerstein, Sebastian Herbst, David Piorunek, Jan Frenzel, Andrea Fantin, Hans Jürgen Maier

The Effect of Increasing Chemical Complexity on the Mechanical and Functional Behavior of NiTi-Related Shape Memory Alloys

in Shape Memory and Superelasticity, 2020

  • Victor A. L’vov, Anna Kosogor, Serafima I. Palamarchuk, Gregory Gerstein, Hans J. Maier

Influence of incorporated nanoparticles on superelastic behavior of shape memory alloys

in Materials Science & Engineering A, 2020

  • Tetiana A. Kosorukova, Gregory Gerstein, Valerii V. Odnosum , Yuri N. Koval , Hans Jürgen Maier, Georgiy S. Firstov

Microstructure Formation in Cast TiZrHfCoNiCu and CoNiCuAlGaIn High Entropy Shape Memory Alloys: A Comparison

in Materials, 2019

  • G. Gerstein, G. S. Firstov, T. A. Kosorukova, Yu. N. Koval, H. J. Maier

Development of B2 Shape Memory Intermetallics Beyond NiAl, CoNiAl and CoNiGa

in Shape Memory and Superelasticity, 2018

FZ JülichHide

FZ Jülich

  • Feuerbacher M., Lienig T.,Thomas C.

A single-phase bcc high-entropy alloy in the refractory Zr-Nb-Ti-V-Hf system

in Scripta Materialia 2018

  • Feuerbacher M., Wuertz E., Kovacs A., Thomas C.

Single-Crystal Growth of a FeCoCrMnAl High-Entropy Alloy

in Materials Research Letters 2017

  • Feuerbacher M.

Dislocations and deformation microstructure in a B2-ordered Al28Cu20Cr11Fe15Ni26 high-entropy alloy

in Scientific Reports 2016

  • Heidelmann M., Feuerbacher M., Ma D., Grabowski B.

Structural anomaly in the high-entropy alloy ZrNbTiTaHf

in Intermetallics 2016

  • Feuerbacher M., Heidelmann M.,  Thomas C. 

Plastic deformation properties of Zr-Nb-Ti-Ta-Hf high-entropy alloys

in Philosophical Magazine 2015

  • Feuerbacher M., Heidelmann M., Thomas C.

Hexagonal High-Entropy Alloys

in Material Research Letters 3 2015

KIT KarlsruheHide

KIT Karlsruhe

  • Tirunilai, A. S.; Hanemann, T.; Reinhart, C.; Tschan, V.; Weiss, K.-P.; Laplanche, G.; Freudenberger, J.; Heilmaier, M.; Kauffmann, A.

Comparison of cryogenic deformation of the concentrated solid solutions CoCrFeMnNi, CoCrNi and CoNi

in Materials science and engineering / A, 2020

  • Laube, S.; Chen, H.; Kauffmann, A.; Schellert, S.; Müller, F.; Gorr, B.; Müller, J.; Butz, B.; Christ, H.-J.; Heilmaier, M. (2020).

Controlling crystallographic ordering in Mo–Cr–Ti–Al high entropy alloys to enhance ductility

in Journal of alloys and compounds, Vol. 823, 2020

  • Chen, H.; Kauffmann, A.; Seils, S.; Boll, T.; Liebscher, C. H.; Harding, I.; Kumar, K. S.; Szabó, D. V.; Schlabach, S.; Kauffmann-Weiss, S.; Müller, F.; Gorr, B.; Christ, H.-J.; Heilmaier, M. (2019).​

Crystallographic ordering in a series of Al-containing refractory high entropy alloys Ta-Nb-Mo-Cr-Ti-Al 

in Acta Materialia, Vol. 176, 2019

  • Tirunilai A. S., Sas J., Weiss K.-P., Chen H., Szabó D. V., Schlabach S.,  Haas S., Geissler D., Freudenberger J.,    Heilmaier M., Kauffmann, A.

Peculiarities of deformation of CoCrFeMnNi at cryogenic temperatures

in Journal of Materials Research 2018

  • Chen H., Kauffmann A., Laube S.W., Choi In-Chul, Schwaiger R., Huang Y., Lichtenberg K., Müller F., Gorr B., Christ H.-J., Heilmaier M.

Contribution of lattice distortion to solid solution strengthening in a series of refractory high entropy alloys

in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 2018

  • Kauffmann A., Stüber M., Leiste H., Ulrich S., Schlabach S., Szabo D.V., Seils S., Gorr B., Chen H., Seifert H.-J.,    Heilmaier M.

Combinatorial exploration of the high entropy alloy system Co-Cr-Fe-Mn-Ni

in Surface and Coating Technology 2017

  • Lee D.-H., Choi I.-C., Yang G.,  Lu Z., Kawasaki M., Ramamurty U., Schwaiger R., Jang J.-i.

Activation energy for plastic flow in nanocrystalline CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy: A high temperature nanoindentation study

in Scripta Materialia, Vol. 156, 2019

Universität MünsterHide

Universität Münster

  • Gaertner D., Abrahams K., Kottke J., Esin V.A., Steinbach I., Wilde G., Divinski S.V.

Concentration-dependent atomic mobilities in FCC CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloys

in Acta Materialia 166 (2019)

  • Kottke J., Laurent-Brocq M., Fareed A., Gaertner D., Perrière L., Rogal Ł., Divinski S. V., Wilde G.

Tracer diffusion in the Ni–CoCrFeMn system: Transition from a dilute solid solution to a high entropy alloy

in Scripta Materialia 2019

  • Divinski S.V., Pokoev A., Esakkiraja N., Paul A.

A Mystery of 'Sluggish Diffusion' in High-Entropy Alloys: The Truth or a Myth?

in Diffusion Foundations 2018

  • Gaertner D., Kottke J., Wilde G., Divinski S.V., Chumlyakov Y.,

Tracer diffusion in single crystalline CoCrFeNi and CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloys

in Journal of Materials Research 2018

  • Vaidya M., Pradeep K.G., Murty B.S., Wilde G., Divinski S.V.

Bulk tracer diffusion in CoCrFeNi and CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloys

in  Acta Materialia 2018

  • Vaidya M., Pradeep K.G., Murty B.S., Wilde G., Divinski, S.V.

Radioactive isotopes reveal a non sluggish kintetics of grain boundary diffusion in high entropy alloys

in Scientific Reports 2017

  • Vaidya M., Trubel S., Murty B.S., Wilde G., Divinski S.V.

Ni tracer diffusion in CoCrFeNi and CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloys

in  Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2016

Universität SiegenHide

Universität Siegen

  • Gorr, B.; Müller, F.; Schellert, S.; Christ, H.-J.; Chen, H.; Kauffmann, A.; Heilmaier, M. (2020).

A new strategy to intrinsically protect refractory metal based alloys at ultra high temperatures [in press]

in Corrosion science, 108475. doi:10.1016/j.corsci.2020.108475

  • Müller, F.; Gorr, B.; Christ, H.-J.; Müller, J.; Butz, B.; Chen, H.;Kauffmann, A.; Heilmaier, M. (2019).

On the oxidation mechanism of refractory high entropy alloys

External link Corrosion science, 159, Article: 108161. doi:10.1016/j.corsci.2019.108161

  • Gorr B., Müller F., Azim M., Christ H.J., Müller T., Chen H., Kauffmann A., Heilmaier M.

High temperature oxidation behavior of refractory high entropy alloys: Effect of alloy composition

in Oxidation of Metals, 2017

  • Müller F., Gorr B., Christ H.-J., Chen H., Kauffmann A., Heilmaier A.

Effect of microalloying with silicon on high temperature oxidation resistance of novel refractory high entropy alloy Ta-Mo-Cr-Ti-Al

in  Materials at High Temperatures 2018

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